Resume ObjectForm-Life

Since 1989, I have worked and studied worldwide to design dynamic living, working, and consumer environments for a diverse range of commissions. My eclectic philosophy mixes mid-century and antique furnishings while coupling them with found objects and artwork, allowing for a symbiosis between present and past. Starting from a deep respect for architectural integrity and a commitment to high-quality, functional interiors; my attention to detail always responds to the client’s individual tastes.

I started my career in New York City where I studied Art History and Philosophy with minors in French and Spanish at Columbia University. There I worked for seven years for such industry leaders as The Gap, Christopher Ostifan, Bergdorf Goodman Home, Calvin Klein Home, and Giorgio Armani. Subsequently, I spent some four years in London and then Paris, where, while enrolled at Le Sorbonne, I was engaged by the European licensee of Ralph Lauren (Polo Co.). In 2000, drawing on the diversity of this national and international education, I started up my own company Objectform-life which allowed me to continue to expand my perspective on the world in which we live and the way we function in it. My innate sensitivity to space, light, and form enables me to conceptualize and deliver a harmonic environment specifically suited to a clients’ personal needs and desires— for both themselves and their clientele.

I continually attend trade shows such as Neo Con, auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, and art gallery openings, as well as local flea markets, and craftsmen shows to establish and sustain connections with painters, sculptors, furniture designers, architects, and artisans who span a variety of disciplines and styles. With clients in New York, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Montana and Texas, as well as, internationally, in Denmark, Canada, Portugal, Argentina, France and New Zealand, I continue to strive for a deeper appreciation of what is both current and enduring, offering this wealth of resources and knowledge to each and every project.