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Having grown up surrounded by wonderful 20th century existing architecture, good design remains one of my strongest influences. Every time I sit on a Florence Knoll sofa, eat at a Saarinen dining table, come across a shaker hand made bed… I am inspired by what we have accomplished. I find it exciting to participate in bringing this tremendous legacy to light. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than a Saturday afternoon stroll though a historic neighborhood, or a Sunday afternoon gavotte at a local flea market. All of my local and international travels only help to broaden my appreciation of historical context, and its continued relevance. Having lived and worked abroad often allows me to bring a unique skill-set within which I perceive, and appreciate the idea of Private, Commercial and Office spaces.

When not striving to expand my knowledge for clients though international travel, local exposure, and continued education, I donate time and resources to local art galleries, museums, and societies such as, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Wexner Center for the arts, The Stan Hywet House and Gardens, The Warhol Museum, MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art in Cleveland), The Bridge Center For The Arts in El Paso Texas, and the Donald Judd Chinati Foundation in Marfa Texas amongst others. I have also contributed articles on mid-twentieth century furniture to local and international publications, and have developed museum installations in El Paso’s Bridge Center, and Lisbon’s Museo Do Design. Nothing makes me happier than supporting local artists, and artisans. I strive to present clients with what our region, and the world has to offer, past, currently, and with an eye toward the future.